How to Clean a Car's Textured Plastic Trim

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When it comes time to wash you car, special care should be given to the textured plastic trim. It takes more than regular car wash shampoo to thoroughly clean textured trim. If you want the trim to look as good as new, heed some of these tips. One or more is bound to work to clean the textured plastic trim on your car.

Spray the textured trim with water before attempting any cleaning method. It's best to remove any surface dirt and debris with plain water before doing a more thorough cleaning job.

Apply peanut butter oil to a rag and wipe down the textured plastic trim. This oil works great to leave your trim shiny and clean. Hose off after applying.

Put white toothpaste (not gel) on an old toothbrush and scrub the textured trim. This works especially well if you're trying to remove any old wax that might have dried on the trim from the last time you waxed the car.

Use a silicone spray and dressing to clean textured plastic trim. This will not only help clean the trim, but keep it protected as well.

Try a product specifically designed to clean textured plastic trim. Some products work best only on smooth plastic, but some products, such as Black Wow™, has been created to clean and protect textured plastic.


  • check Wash the textured plastic trim with regular car wash shampoo whenever you wash your car. This will help to keep the trim clean.
  • check Apply a product such as Sonus Trim & Motor Kote, a wax coating designed to protect textured plastic trim.


  • close Do not get wax on the textured plastic trim on your car, if at all possible. Take extra care around the trim when waxing or tape over the trim when you apply wax to the car.
  • close Avoid getting Black Wow™ on your car's painted surface, if possible. It will not harm the paint, but the product is hard to clean from painted surfaces.

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