How to Interpret Trim Code for a Lexus

by Holden Reilly
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Unlike most other auto manufacturers, Lexus tends to paint the exterior and trim of their cars separate colors. Aesthetically unique, this adds to the overall appeal of the Lexus brand. The color scheme can get complicated, however, when paint touch ups become necessary due to damage, aging, or the normal wear and tear that cars receive. To ease confusion, Lexus, under the Toyota brand, assigns specific codes for both the exterior and trim to ensure that consumers are able to repaint their cars in the correct color.

Step 1

Locate the ID tag of your Lexus. This is on the driver's side door jamb and the label at the top of the tag will read "MFD. BY: TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION." The tag will either be white or black and easily identifiable, as it is the most prominent piece on the door jamb.

Step 2

Identify the trim code on the tag. On the lower left-hand corner of the tag, you will see written "C/TR:." Following this will be one three-number-and-digit sequence and one four-digit-and-number sequence, separated by a dash. The second sequence is the paint code for the trim on your Lexus. For example, if you see 8J5/LA20, the exterior code is 8J5 and the trim code is LA20.

Step 3

Mark down the trim code. If you need touch-ups or re-painting, you will need to match this code with the paint at the manufacturer or car dealership to ensure that the new paint matches the original.

Step 4

Access the Toyota Reference database online for more specific information on your trim code and paint colors. Lexus changes the codes every year and on this site you will find more detailed information on what these codes are and to which colors they correspond.

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