How to Clean Car Leather With Vinegar

by Mel Frank

Leather upholstery in vehicles needs cleaning just like furniture upholstery in your home, and many times car upholstery needs to be cleaned even more often as food and dirt accumulate in the vehicle while you are on the go. To clean car leather properly, it is important to use a disinfecting element such as vinegar, while also using a moisturizing element that will keep the leather nourished and prevent over-drying.

Mix 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1/2 cup food-grade linseed oil in a bowl.

Dip a cloth into the mixture to saturate it with the vinegar and linseed oil, and wring the cloth out twice to remove excess.

Wipe down the car leather in large, circular motions, leaving a very thin layer of the cleaner over all of the leather. Let the excess fluid dry overnight.

Buff the leather car upholstery in the morning, using a fresh, clean cloth. Wipe this time in small circular motions, as this will remove the excess oil and restore the leather's shine.

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