How to Clean Buick ABS Sensors

by Carole Ellis

ABS sensors on a Buick are little electronic heads that tell the braking system when to pulse during hard lock-up braking. When they work, they are a great safety device, but when they are not working, your brakes will just lock up whenever you try and make a hard stop. The most common cause for a Buick ABS brake sensor to malfunction is the fact that dirt and greasy oil gets deposited over the electronic head, and this in turn will not allow the sensor to give accurate readings. You can locate your Buick ABS brake sensors near your brakes themselves, but you will need your owner's manual to pinpoint their exact location since it will vary by model and year.

Brush off any and all debris from the sides. Do not use the toothbrush on the head of the sensor. If the head gets scratched, it may give false readings, so never brush the top of the sensor head.

Pour a little rubbing alcohol on your soft rag. Make sure the rag is very moist.

Gently rub the moistened rag over the top of the sensor head. This will wash away any dirt or oily debris. You can repeat this with a freshly moistened, clean rag if you wish.

Rub the sensor head with a dry, clean rag. This will function as a "rinse" without actually getting the sensor wet. Now your ABS sensors should be clean and functioning effectively once more.


  • close Be very gentle when dealing with the Buick's ABS sensors. Scratches can destroy the system permanently.

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