How to Replace Saturn Temp Sensors

by Baptist Johnson
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The Saturn brand was created by General Motors and discontinued in 2010. However, its lineup continues to be sold privately in the retail market. The Saturn lineup includes the S-series, the L-series, Vue, Ion, Sky and Aura. Underneath the hood of Saturn vehicles, the coolant temperature sensor helps monitor and regulate the engine temperature. The temperature sensor alerts the engine control computer when the engine is overheating. Replacing the temperature sensor is strongly recommended if you suspect the sensor is damaged.

Step 1

Park your vehicle in a safe location on even ground. Engage the parking brake or apply tire stops to prevent the vehicle from rolling while you are replacing the temperature sensors. Open the hood of the vehicle. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

Step 2

Locate the coolant temperature sensor in the hood area. For the S-series and the L-series, the sensor is mounted to the top of the engine block on the driver's side. An easy way to find the sensor is to trace the radiator hose until you reach the engine block. Look just below where the radiator hose connects to the engine block and you should see the sensor.

Step 3

Identify the engine coolant temperature sensor as a black and copper-colored prong sticking out of the engine block. The sensor will also be attached to two wires. Grasp the sensor wires between your fingers and pull them gently away from the engine. Inspect the sensor wires for corrosion.

Step 4

Disconnect the sensor from the engine using a ratchet. Take your time removing the sensor and be careful not to allow the sensor to fall below the engine. Replace the old sensor with a new sensor. Attach the replacement sensor to the engine using a ratchet and make sure it is secured tightly.

Step 5

Connect the sensor wires to the sensor by simply pressing them firmly on top of the sensor. Attach the negative cable to the battery. Check your coolant level and refill if necessary.

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