How to Choose an Exhaust System for Sound

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You want to choose your exhaust so the other cars on the road know you're there. But it's important to know which exhaust systems give you the best performance as well as sound. Here's how to choose one of the best exhaust systems for your ride while keeping muffler tone a priority.

Preview the sound before you put out the cash. Dynomax performance exhaust systems have sound bytes that you can download for some of their systems on Firebirds, Mustangs and Civics with a Vtec engine. Log on to the A-1 Performance website to get an earful.

Cruise the local shows for ideas. Nothing compares to hearing an exhaust system in person, so scope out the sights and most importantly, the sounds, at the local car cruise. You'll get ideas of what works best on your make and model.

Choose your sound. Decide if you want the classic V-8 rumble or a more toned-down sound. A great choice in either case is one of the Flowmaster exhaust systems. You can trust their 22 years of experience in the muffler business and they have an exhaust for every type of sound you're looking for.

Decide whether you want a dual exhaust or single exhaust system. Keep in mind that some dual exhaust systems don't perform properly because they are designed only for looks. To ensure a great dual exhaust sound, be sure to choose a system like the Flowmaster.

Keep performance a priority. The exhaust system's note is important, but don't sacrifice performance for sound. Be sure your exhaust system matches your engine manifold and is fitted correctly down your undercarriage, or else you may be looking at decreased engine performance.

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