Chevy Suburban Power Window Help

by Ben LeDoux

For many years, the Chevy Suburban has had the option of power windows, which are run by a motor that moves them up and down. When a power window on a Suburban stops working, there are several possible causes to consider.

Examine the System

The power window of the Suburban has four main components: the control switch, the regulator, the motor and the track that holds the window. Pull off the door panel and look at all of the components. If you can hear the motor move when you roll up the window, the motor and its components are good, and the problem may be in the regulator or the window track. Check to see if the window is off the track that holds it in place. More than likely, this is why the window will not move. If there is no sound when toggling the power window switch, check the fuse box to see if any fuses have broken filaments. If so, replace them and see if this fixes the problem. The fuse box is underneath the driver's side dashboard and has a small door. Another cause of the problem may be water dripping inside the window, which can short circuit and destroy any of the power window's electrical components, including the motor and the switch. Test the switch by hooking an automotive test light to the switch's connectors and see if the switch can hold a charge with the car's ignition in the "on" position. If it fails the test, install a new switch. If the window still does not work, the last option is to replace the motor. The motor is a silver box inside the door and is connected to all of the components.

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