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by Phree Norde
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The 1994 version of the S10 Chevy pickup truck enhanced certain features from the previous models. The 1994 S10 came out with two models--the base model and the LS model. These models are basically the same in dimensions as previous models. However, they do offer a redesigned dashboard and more cabin space.


The standard wheelbase measurement for Chevy S10 models is 9 feet long. Some S10s have extended beds with a wheelbase measurement of 9.83 feet or 10.25 feet. The wheelbase is the distance from the center of the front wheels to the center of the rear wheels. The overall length of the S10 ranges from 188 to 204 inches. The height ranges from 61 inches to 64 inches. The Chevy S10 has a width of 67 inches. In terms of the interior dimensions, the truck offers headroom of 39.5 inches and legroom of 42.5 inches. The weight of the S10 can range from 4,200 lbs. to 4,650 lbs.


In the base model of the Chevy S10, there is a standard bench seat with vinyl seat trim and rubber front floor mats. In the LS model, the bench seat comes with a center arm rest. The seats are covered in premium cloth and there are rubber floor mats in the front and rear.

Wheels and Brakes

The Chevy S10 comes equipped with disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. An anti-lock system is available as an added feature. The wheels are made of steel but you can upgrade to premium wheels.

Transmission and Engine

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