Chevrolet Express ABS Problems

by Horacio Garcia
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The Chevrolet Express has very high reliability reports from, but does have recalls on the anti-lock braking system (ABS) as well as technical service bulletins (TSB) published by the manufacturer. These ABS problems concern everything from the ABS warning light intermittently coming on to the pressure accumulator cracking and separating from the brake hub.

Defective Housing Relief Valve

The 2003 Chevrolet Express has a recall on the ABS brakes because of a defective housing relief valve which affects more than 68,000 Chevrolet vehicles including the Express. According to, the Express was manufactured with housing relief valves that do not meet the specifications. The O-ring seal is fracturing causing the ABS brakes to require the operator to put more pressure on the brakes to get the ABS to work properly. The defective housing relief valve on the ABS brakes are also attributed to the loss of brake fluid causing the ABS brakes not to work. The Express owners must take this Chevrolet van back to the dealership to have take care of this ABS recall.

Pressure Accumulator Cracks

More than 155,000 Chevrolet vehicles are being recalled because the ABS brakes are having a major problem with the pressure accumulator, including the Chevrolet Express. The pressure accumulator is cracking and separating from the ABS brake hub causing the cracked components to shoot out from the under carriage of the Express and injure people close to the van. This cracked pressure accumulator also causes the hydraulic fluid to leak from the ABS brakes causing the brake booster to short circuit. The ABS brakes will not work and may create an accident during normal operations of the Express. The Express owners must take the van into the dealership to have this recall corrected.

ABS Warning Light Problems reports that the 2007 Chevrolet Express has two TSBs published on the van because of an ABS warning light problem. The ABS warning light works intermittently when there is a problem with the brakes or when there is no problem with the brakes. This warning light problem can prevent the Express owner from servicing the ABS brakes because he does not take the warning light seriously. This ABS problem is not attributed to a specific problem, but other electrical problems can affect the console or lights on the Express. The Express owner needs to take the Chevrolet into the dealership when this ABS problem occurs to ensure when the warning light does illuminate, he knows that there is a problem with the ABS brakes.

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