How to Check the VIN for the Transmission Type

by Diana Prince
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All vehicles receive a VIN -- Vehicle Identification Number -- during the manufacturing process. The number, a 17-digit number unique to each separate vehicle, represents basic information relating to the vehicle. By running a VIN search you can learn pertinent information regarding the ownership history, odometer readings and parts in the vehicle, including the transmission.

Step 1

Visit the CARFAX website to run a VIN search. Simply enter the VIN of the vehicle in question into the search box on the CARFAX homepage and run a search to obtain a detailed report on the vehicle in question. CARFAX, one of the leading providers of Vehicle History Reports online, offers single reports for $34.99 as of January 2011.

Step 2

Visit the AutoCheck website. As another of the leading providers of Vehicle History Reports online, you can run the VIN number of any vehicle through its online database and learn comprehensive data on the vehicle -- including the transmission type, as well as details on the vehicle's accident history and ownership history. The charge for a single report is $24.99 as of January 2011.

Step 3

Visit the Check My Car website. Although it is a lesser-known site, you can obtain a Vehicle History Report and find information relating to the vehicle, including what type of transmission it was manufactured with.

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