How to Check the Transmission Fluid in a 2006 Mercedes C230

by Richard Rowe

German automakers have been facing an interesting quandary for years. On the one hand, German precision engineering and high-quality construction methods typically make for cars that run far longer and herder than competitors. On the other, reliable parts mean dealer service enters with nothing to do, and little residual income from replacement parts. So, how did Mercedes get around this? By not including little things -- like, say, a transmission dipstick.

Step 1

Purchase a C230 transmission dipstick, part number W01333-1932667. You can acquire a factory service dipstick online or at your local Mercedes stealership for the perfectly reasonable price of $63.

Step 2

Look for the dipstick tube/transmission fill tube at the rear of the engine. It's covered by a black plastic cap, and is secured by a black or red locking pin that you'll have to break to remove the cap. This is Mercedes way of knowing if you had the audacity to check your own fluids while still under warranty.

Step 3

Remove the cap, and use the dipstick to check the transmission fluid as you would on any other car. Fill as necessary.

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