How to Check the Fuel Pump Reset Switch in a 2003 Ford Ranger

by Blaze Johnson

The 2003 Ford Ranger came with a variety of engine configurations and trim levels, but all model variations of that year's Ranger have a fuel pump safety switch designed to shut off the fuel pump in the event of an accident. If your vehicle's fuel pump appears to be disabled after a hard jolt while driving, you may wish to check the pump switch to see if it is shut off. Checking the reset switch takes only a few seconds.

Step 1

Turn your vehicle off, place the vehicle in park and engage the parking brake to prevent the vehicle for moving while you work.

Step 2

Check underneath the vehicle for any fuel leaks.

Step 3

Enter your vehicle from the passenger side and locate the fuel pump shutoff switch near the underside of the glove compartment, on the lower right side. The fuel pump cutoff switch has a small round button.

Step 4

Push the small round button to reset the fuel pump cutoff switch.

Step 5

Start the vehicle and allow the vehicle to run for a few seconds. Shut off the vehicle and check the vehicle for any fuel leaks before operating the vehicle normally.

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