How to Find the Check Engine Light Code for a Dodge Intrepid

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You may one day get an unsuspected check engine light warning while driving your Dodge Intrepid for the 1996 and up models. The warning light can be something very simple that needs to be replaced or something that you may need to have a looked at quickly. You may not know the extent of the problem until you have it checked. There is a way to find the check engine light codes a basic idea on your own of the problem if you don't want to pay a fee for a mechanic.

Step 1

While the car engine is not running, turn your key forward to where the electronic lights on the dashboard would come on, but do not start your car. Turn the key back towards you again. You would need to do this quickly at least 3 times and after the third time, may sure that the lights are lit up on the dashboard.

Step 2

The check engine warning light will begin to flash. The light will blink a certain number of time and pause, then will blink again a certain number of time. Write these numbers down. For example, the light may flash 3 times, pause and then may flash again 4 times. The code would be 34.

Step 3

Continue to write down the codes until the warning light does not blink anymore. At the beginning you will get a flash code of 12 which means the codes will start. You will know when there are no more codes when you get a flash code of 55.

Step 4

After writing down you codes, you can take what you have to Auto Zone and ask for a book called "What Does It Mean When Your `Check Engine' Light Comes On?" This will give you a list of common codes for your Dodge Intrepid.

Step 5

Once you know what the code means, you can determine what is the problem and have it checked.

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