How to Check If a Fuel Pump Is Working

by Kay Ireland

A fuel pump is an essential component to your car's engine. It keeps fuel pumping to the engine and to the fuel injection system. After normal wear and tear on your car's fuel pump, you may notice diminished engine performance. The number one indicator of a faulty fuel pump is the pressure you are getting through the pump. If you think that your car's poor engine performance may be a result of a worn out fuel pump, here is how you can check to make sure that your fuel pump is in working order.

Consult your vehicle's owner's manual for the location of the test port. Attach the end of the pressure gauge into the port indicated. Each vehicle is different as to the location, so make sure to check your manual first.

Turn the key in the ignition and monitor the gauge. Write down the number of the pressure while the car is running.

Check the pressure against what is specified in your manual. Generally, a vehicle needs between 30 and 80 psi in order to run smoothly, but your vehicle may be different. If you pressure matches what is the manual, then your fuel pump is working correctly.

If your pressure is high, then you will know that the fuel pump is running richly, which can lead to poor mileage or black smoke. It is probably time for a new fuel pump.

If your pressure is too low, that means your fuel pump is a clogged filter. Have it replaced or you could be faced with poor engine performance.

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