Check Engine Codes List For a Chevy Blazer

by Wesley Tucker
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The Chevy Blazer SUV has different engine types. Equipped with either a V-6 or V-8, the Trailblazer has computer engine management systems to optimize and regulate performance. The computer is able to monitor and analyze engine problems ranging from simple issues such as low air flow through the filter to major malfunctions with the pistons, rods, connectors and other internal engine parts. When the engine does develop a maintenance problem or needs major repair, the computer will display on the Trailblazer's dashboard a code alerting the driver to the specific component needing attention.

P1000 Codes

P1000 codes indicate problems with the Trailblazer's engine warmup management. A code P1032 it indicates the engine warmup control related to the oxygen sensor is not responding. A P1031 indicates the heater current control circuits need attention

P1100 Codes

P1100 codes are for engine vacuum and electrical system concerns. P1105 indicates that the secondary vacuum sensor circuit should be checked. Low vacuum can lead to poor engine performance as a result of restricted airflow. Other P1100 codes can involve the throttle system, coolant, intake air temperature and fuel system errors. Any P1100 code involves engine components outside the engine block

P1200 Codes

P1200 codes are assigned to engine issues inside the engine block: fuel management, fuel injection, airflow temperature in the manifold and throttling. A different code is also indicated for problems for each individual cylinder (Codes P1222 through P1243).

P1300 Codes

The Chevy Trailblazer's electrical system can initiate P1300 codes. Problems with the distributor and each spark plug, ignition control, low voltage on certain circuits and wheel speed sensors providing data for the speedometer are related to P1300 codes.

P1400 Codes

P1400 codes are designated for the Trailblazer's exhaust system and related components. Problems with the intake manifold, a vacuum leak in the exhaust and proper gas recirculation can produce these codes.

P1500 Codes

The Trailblazer has many ancillary systems outside the engine compartment requiring occasional maintenance. P1500 codes can be problems with the theft deterrent system, backup power supplies, transmission and gear change difficulties and climate control. The air conditioner and heater are both monitored and can trigger a P1500 code when not performing correctly.

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