How to Check Clutch Fluid in a Mazda B2500

by Josh Baum

It's wise to check your clutch fluid at least once every year. Under normal circumstances, the fluid won't leak, evaporate or burn up, but leaks can develop and this fluid level can drop, which will wreak havoc on your B2500's transmission. If you want to be as proactive as possible with your vehicle maintenance, make a habit of checking the fluid level every time you change your engine oil. It only takes a few seconds, and catching a low fluid level early can save you significant repairs.

Make sure the car's engine is shut off, then open the hood and prop it open.

Locate the clutch fluid reservoir, which is located right up against the firewall and all the way over on the driver's side of the car. It has a white plastic cap.

Remove the cap and look inside. The minimum and maximum fluid lines are marked on the outside and the inside of the reservoir. If the fluid level is below the minimum line, fill it to the maximum line with hydraulic brake fluid. If it is normal, no further action is required.

Replace the cap tightly, then close the hood.


  • check Mazda recommends a complete clutch fluid flush on the B2500 every 12 months.

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