How to Replace the Oil Pan on a Mercedes 190e

by Carl Pruit

The position of the oil pan on the Mercedes190e requires a little more effort than replacing other oil pans. The Mercedes pan is located in a way that necessitates removing several parts and lifting the engine up to remove the pan. You can replace the pan in about four to five hours and save the time and expense of taking it to the shop or having someone else do the work for you.

Step 1

Lift the front of the Mercedes 190e with a floor jack and place jack stands under the front axle on both sides of the car, then lower the vehicle to rest on the jack stands.

Step 2

Locate where the exhaust pipe attaches to the engine and detach the pipe from the motor, using a socket wrench to unfasten the bolts.

Step 3

Remove the air filter canister by undoing the bolt on the top with a socket wrench and taking the canister off the top of the engine.

Step 4

Disconnect the linkage to the carburetor with a pair of pliers and move the linkage out of the way.

Step 5

Unfasten the motor mounts of the engine, using a socket wrench to remove the bolts, then lift the engine up with a floor jack about 4 inches.

Step 6

Place two wood blocks between the engine and the vehicle frame to hold the engine in place then lower the floor jack away from the engine.

Step 7

Locate the oil pan drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan and place a drip pan underneath the drain plug.

Step 8

Loosen the drain plug with a socket wrench and allow the oil to drain into the pan until it is completely empty.

Step 9

Move the drain pan out of the way and unfasten the bolts on the oil pan with a socket wrench.

Step 10

Pry the oil pan from the engine block with a screwdriver, moving the oil pan out from under the engine then use a putty knife to scrape off any excess gasket material from under the engine.

Step 11

Place the new oil pan gasket on the lip of the new oil pan and slide the pan into position, attaching it with bolts to the bottom of the engine.

Step 12

Lift the engine up with the floor jack, remove the wood blocks then lower the engine back into position over the engine mounts.

Step 13

Secure the engine to the engine mounts, using a socket wrench to tighten the nuts then reattach the carburetor linkage.

Step 14

Secure the air filter canister back into place and reattach the exhaust pipe to the engine.

Step 15

Raise the vehicle up off the jack stands and remove the stands, lowering the car back onto the ground.

Step 16

Locate the oil cap on the top of the intake manifold and take the cap off.

Step 17

Fill the engine with five quarts of oil then place the cap back on the intake manifold.

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