How to Charge a Honda Moped Battery

by Chris Gilliland

Over the years, Honda has produced several popular scooter and moped models. Honda's reputation for exquisite workmanship and superb finish are evident in every model, from the minimalist Ruckus to the touring-oriented Helix maxi-scooter. Although such a scooter can operate efficiently and economically, the short distances that are traveled aboard one of these machines are often not enough to recharge its battery. Eventually, the battery will drain completely, leaving its owner without transportation. Charging the battery with an external battery charger periodically can remedy this problem before it happens.


Locate the battery. Most Honda scooters and mopeds carry their batteries in a tray mounted under the seat, providing easy access with by unlocking the seat. Some models may place the battery under the panel on the floorboard. Unscrew the floorboard panel's bolts with a screwdriver and lift the panel off of the scooter to gain access to the battery.


Pull the battery strap off of the battery. Disconnect the battery from the scooter's wire leads, unscrewing the negative (-) terminal bolt with a screwdriver. Move the lead away from the battery and from any metallic components. Unscrew the positive (+) terminal and pull the entire battery out of the tray.


Connect the battery to a battery charger. Connect the charger's positive (+) alligator clip to the battery's positive (+) terminal, followed by the negative (-) clip to the battery's negative (-) terminal. Allow the battery to charge until the charger indicates that is has charged fully. This can take up to six hours, depending on the charger and on the condition of the battery. Disconnect the battery from the charger, removing the negative (-) clip first, followed by the positive (+) clip.


Insert the battery into the scooter's battery tray. Reconnect the scooter's positive (+) lead to the battery's positive (+) terminal. Reconnect the negative (-) lead to the battery's negative (-) terminal. Pull the battery strap tightly over the battery, and secure the strap's metal loop over the battery tray's hook.


Replace the floorboard panel and tighten the mounting bolt with a screwdriver, or close the seat.

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