How to Change Windshield Wipers on a Toyota Tacoma

by Jody L. Campbell

You don't really think about the windshield wipers on your Toyota Tacoma until they're not swiping the windshield well enough to see. Windshield wiper manufacturers recommend replacing the windshield wipers once a year or more. Having to replace them on your Tacoma is simple enough and requires no tools. Since being able to see in inclement weather when driving is pretty important, save money by buying a set and installing them yourself.

Step 1

Park the Tacoma on level ground and shut the truck off. Lift the driver's side wiper blade arm to the standing position. By pulling it away from the windshield straight up, it will stand on its own.

Step 2

Locate the locking plastic tab under the center of the windshield wiper blade where it attaches to the wiper arm. Press this small tab/pin inward and pull down on the windshield wiper to separate it from the curved hook of the wiper arm. Once its released, swing the windshield wiper upward to maneuver the blade free from the wiper arm.

Step 3

Insert the new wiper blade by holding it horizontally against the standing wiper arm, and place the front of the windshield wiper arm onto the wiper arm in front of the curved hook end, just a couple of inches. Swing the windshield wiper vertically so the blade is on the windshield side, and slide the windshield wiper hardware onto the curved hook of the wiper arm. Pull up until you hear a slight click as it locks into place. Jiggle the blade up and down by hand to make sure it's locked securely.

Step 4

Place the windshield wiper arm back in the down position against the windshield.

Step 5

Repeat this procedure for the right side windshield wiper.

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