How to Change a Windsheild Wiper With a J-Hook

by Carl Pruit

Occasionally, you may find yourself changing a windshield washer blade that has a J-hook on the end of the arm. The J-hook is one of the styles of wiper blade arms that were designed to provide a stronger hold on the blade while also being easier to install than the older model wiper blades. You can change the J-hook windshield wiper arms in just a few minutes yourself.

Lift the wiper blade arm up so it is at a 90-degree angle to the vehicle windshield.

Locate the button on the connection adapter clip and depress the button, sliding the wiper blade around the open end of the J-hook.

Slide the new windshield wiper onto the wiper blade arm the way the old blade was removed.

Position the blade onto the arm until you hear the button on the connection adapter clip lock into place.

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