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How to Change the Transmission Filter in a Honda Accord

by Denise Spooner

Changing the transmission filter on your Honda Accord is not a regularly scheduled maintenance item. If the automatic transmission filter has been contaminated or leaking, if the transmission is being overhauled or replaced, you should change the filter. Most Honda's have in-line filters located within the transmissions that are fairly simple to repair. Draining and refilling the system is required to maintain a clean and properly functioning transmission.

Step 1

You will need a set of tools to change your Honda's transmission filter.

Drive the vehicle around for about 15 minutes to warm up the fluid. This causes it to become thinner and more easily drained. Apply the parking brake and put blocks of wood behind the rear wheels. Using a floor jack, raise the vehicle's front end. Place jack stands under the vehicle on both sides of the frame. Secure the immobility or movement of the vehicle in order to provide a safe working area.

Step 2

Put the spill pan under the transmission directly beneath the drain plug. Remove the splash shield and use the 17-mm socket to remove the fill plug. Then use the 3/8-inch ratchet to remove the drain plug. Drain the transmission fluid and replace the drain plug when all the fluid has leaked out. Use a new sealing washer when reinstalling the drain plug.

Step 3

Disconnect all cooler hoses from the filter. Remove the filter holder and the filter itself. Install the new transmission filter and tighten it using the holder and bolt supplied.

Step 4

Reconnect the cooler hoses to the filter and secure them with the clamps provided. Reinstall the splash shield. Refill the transmission with Honda premium automatic transmission fluid or an equivalent fluid per your vehicle's manufacture's specifications.

Start the vehicle and shift through the gears. Put the gear in park and turn off the motor. Check the level of transmission fluid on the dipstick. If the level is between the two marks on the dipstick, the correct amount of transmission fluid is in the system.


  • Change the transmission fluid at between 30,000 and 60,000 miles and every 30,000 miles thereafter.
  • Checking for transmission leaks can prevent your transmission from failing.
  • Always use Honda approved transmission fluid.
  • Use new washers on both the fill plug and the drain plug.


  • Do not attempt to change the transmission filter while the car is running.
  • Never crawl beneath a vehicle without proper support using jack stands and wood blocks or a similar device that will completely immobilize your vehicle.

Items you will need

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • 3/8-inch ratchet
  • 17-mm socket
  • Spill pan
  • 3 qts of auto Honda specified transmission fluid

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