How to Change Out Sway Bar End Links

by K.K. Lowell

Sway bars in cars and trucks control vehicle sway by transferring some of the force of a vehicle's lean in turns. The sway bar is a spring steel bar mounted across the front frame of the car and is connected to the lower suspension arms. To control noise the bar is mounted in brackets with rubber cushions, and the links that connect the bar to the suspension arms have rubber cushions also. There are two designs for this cushioning at the end link: bonded cushions and individual rubber cushions sandwiched between steel discs.

Example of an end link with bonded cushions

Remove the bolts that attach the bonded cushion type end link to the bar and lower control arm. Use one wrench to hold the bolt and another to turn the nut.

Use the same bolts and attach the new replacement link in the same position as the worn link. Tighten the nut and bolt using the two-wrench method used to remove the old link.

Loosen and remove the nut on the through bolt used in the individual cushion-style end link. Frequently these nuts and bolts rust completely together, resulting in the breaking of the bolt in the removal process. This is not a problem as these bolts are supplied in the end link kit.

Assemble the end link and install. If the steel washers are curved, install with the convex side to the cushions. Tighten the bolt until the cushions are compressed to about 2/3 their thickness.

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