How to Change the Shifter Knob on a Saturn

by Jeffrey Caldwell

The shifter knob on a manual transmission equipped Saturn is the plastic- or leather-covered knob atop the shift lever that allows the driver to change gears. If your shift knob is worn, you may wish to replace it. You can also install aftermarket shift knobs to customize your vehicle's interior. The process is the same for all Saturn models and all years. This is an easy task you can do in just a few minutes.

Replacing a Shifter Knob

Turn the shift knob counterclockwise to remove it from the shift lever.

Thread the new shift knob onto the shift lever by turning it clockwise.

Align the shift pattern label on top of the shift knob so that it is easily readable by the driver.

Tighten the nut below the shift knob to secure it.


  • check If you have trouble removing the old shift knob on your Saturn, try using a strap wrench.

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