How to Change Spark Plug on Polaris Scrambler 500

by Brianna Collins
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The Scrambler 500 is a sport-utility quad that Polaris designed for high-performance on trails and on the course. A make that has been in production for over a decade, the Scrambler 500 has remained quite popular with professional reviewers and enthusiasts alike. For owners that prefer to take care of minor repairs outside the shop, Polaris offers basic instructions in its Scrambler owner's manual, including a run-down of how to change the quad's single spark plug.

Removing the Spark Plug

Step 1

Rotate and remove the spark plug cap covering the Scrambler 500's spark plug, located underneath the front rack in the quad's single cylinder.

Step 2

Rotate the spark plug counterclockwise with a spark plug wrench.

Step 3

Gently lift the spark plug out of the hole.

Inspecting and Installing the New Plug

Step 1

Check the condition of the original spark plug. A normal plug is gray, tan or light brown in color. If the original is burnt, flaky and white, or cracked, replace it with a new BKR6E spark plug.

Step 2

Measure the spark plug gap, which is the gap between the hook and the electrode end of the plug. It should measure exactly 0.036 inch.

Step 3

Gently push the hook end of the spark plug against a firm surface if the spark plug gap is greater than 0.036 inch. Stop when the gap meets the correct measurement.

Step 4

Insert a spark plug gap tool into the gap and gently enlarge the gap if it is too small. Stop when the gap measures 0.036 inch.

Step 5

Install the spark plug using the spark plug wrench, turning the plug clockwise into its hole in the Scrambler 500's cylinder. Return the spark plug cap and return the front rack before starting the engine.

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