How to Change Oil in a Honda 350 ATV

by Robert Good

A Honda 350 ATV can be one of many model's. You change the oil in these models the same way. Underneath the engine in the center of the engine block is a metal bolt that plugs the oil crank case. On the right upper side of the crank case is the oil crank case cap. You will pour the new oil into the engine through this hole once the cap is removed.


Drive the Honda 350 ATV onto level ground and leave the engine running for 5 minutes to warm up the engine oil inside the crank case.


Position the drain pan under the metal bolt under the engine in the center. Remove that bolt using the ratchet set. Let the oil drain into the pan and then replace the bolt to the bottom of the engine.


Remove the cap from the upper right side of the crank case by twisting it off. Insert the funnel into the crank case and pour 2 1/2 quarts Honda 4 stroke engine oil into the crank case.


Remove the funnel from the crank case and replace the cap to the crank case. Start the engine to circulate the new engine oil.

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