How to Change the Oil for Force 85 Outboard

by Floyd Drake III
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Force Outboards were first manufactured by U.S. Marine in the early 1980s, after they purchased rights to the defunct Chrysler Outboard Corp. Force Outboards were featured on U.S. Marine's Bayliner boat line's package deal, which included the boat, outboard and trailer. By the mid-1980s, Force Outboards was purchased by the Brunswick Corp., the parent company of Mercury Outboards, and was discontinued in 1999. The Force 85 is a 85-horsepower engine, and the oil is changed in the same manner as other similarly sized outboards.

Step 1

Straighten the engine. If the outboard is on an angle, the oil will not drain properly.

Step 2

Place the oil drain pan under the bottom oil drain plug, located on the underside of the propeller housing. Use a large, flat-head screwdriver to remove the drain plug. After the drain plug is off, remove the vent plug located on the top of the propeller housing. This allows the oil to drain freely.

Step 3

Allow the oil to drain completely (about 10 minutes). If there is excessive water in the oil, the oil will be milky, and is a sign of lower-unit damage.

Step 4

Fill the lower unit with oil. The new oil is filled from the drain plug, and outboard oil comes in squeeze tubes to make this process easier. Squeeze the oil into the drain plug until it begins to come out of the top vent plug hole (about 2 quarts). When full, remove the tube nozzle and place your finger over the hole to prevent leaking.

Step 5

Install the vent plug while holding your finger over the drain hole. Turn it hand-tight to create a vacuum. Quickly remove your finger and replace the drain plug. Using the screwdriver, tighten both plugs snugly. Properly dispose of the used oil.

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