How to Check Oil on a Virago 1100

by Tammy Croft
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Owning a Yamaha Virago 1100 can be adventurous but maintaining upkeep can become expensive. A way to cut maintenance costs is to change the oil yourself. Regular oil changes can increase the life of your Virago's engine, and it's easy to do on your own.

Step 1

Turn on the engine and allow it to run for a few minutes. This will help provide a more accurate reading of oil levels.

Step 2

Turn off the engine and place the bike on the center kick stand. Locate the site glass. It is under the starter and above the shift lever. If the reading shows at halfway or above, then you have enough oil. If not, you may want to follow the following steps to change the oil.

Step 3

Turn on the motorcycle again and let it run for a couple of minutes. This will help the oil drain more quickly.

Step 4

Turn off the engine. Place a drip pan under the oil drain plug. The plug is near the engine.

Step 5

Remove the filler cap and take off the drain bolt with a socket wrench. The oil may be hot, so use caution.

Step 6

Let the oil run into the drip pan. This may take about 15 minutes. Wipe the drain plug clean while you wait.

Step 7

Replace the drain plug when the oil is done dripping. Securely tighten the plug but avoid overtightening.

Step 8

Place the funnel into the hole where the filler cap was removed. Pour in the recommended amount of oil according to the manual for your Virago.

Step 9

Replace the filler cap and restart the engine. Look for leaks from the drain bolt area. If you notice leaks, turn off the engine right away.

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