How to Change the Oil in a Champion 3500 Generator

by Don Bowman

Changing the oil in a Champion 3500 generator is simple and only takes a few minutes. It uses just over ¾ qt. of oil in an oil change. Personal experience has shown the Champion generator to be an excellent product that will start on the first pull, even after a zillion hours of operation. It does have a few quirks, though. Never choke the engine for more than two pulls when it is hot after refueling, or it will flood. Take the choke off on the third pull and it will always start. The first 10 hours of running while it is breaking in it will consume oil. This will stop as the rings seat. The oil must be changed after the first five hours of use. Check the oil every refueling.

Step 1

Look directly below the oil filler cap and you will see an oil drain plug on the side of the block.

Step 2

Place the drain pan under the engine and with a ratchet, 12-inch extension and the appropriate size socket, remove the drain plug. Allow the oil to drain completely. Install the drain plug and tighten snugly.

Step 3

Remove the oil filler cap and tip the generator up to make it easier to pour in the oil without spilling it. Pour just over ¾ qt. of oil in the filler neck. Lower the generator and the oil will be just below the filler cap. Install the cap. Change the oil after the first five hours. Check the oil level when refueling. Change the oil every 50 hours after the initial oil change.

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