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How to Change a Headlight on a Ford Expedition

by Jule Pamplin

Changing a headlight on a Ford Expedition is one task that can be done easily and without the use of any special tools. With careful attention, anyone can change an Expedition headlight in short order.

Locating, Removing, and Replacing a Headlight on a Ford Expedition

Lift the hood and make sure it is properly secured.

Lift the headlight retainers located on the top of the headlight housing unit. The retainers can be lifted by pressing them toward the windshield and upward.

Twist the ring, called the headlight bulb protective, counterclockwise and remove. Disconnect the electrical connector. Remove the entire headlight assembly. Twist the headlight bulb retainer counterclockwise to remove.

With a cloth or glove, remove the headlight bulb and then install the new bulb.

Work backward toward the assembly. Twist on the headlight bulb retainer by pushing and turning clockwise. Reattach the electrical connector. Twist the headlight bulb protective clockwise.

Replace the headlight housing unit and lock the retainers by pressing downward. After the new bulb is in place, turn on the headlights to ensure that it works.


  • The bulb is fragile, so remove it while wearing your gloves or by wrapping it in a cloth. Even though the oil from your skin won't matter on the old bulb, getting used to the feel of the bulb will ensure you handle the new bulb safely.


  • Avoid touching the new bulb with your fingers. The oil from your skin will corrode the bulb leading to a shorter life.

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