How to Change a Headlight Bulb on a V-Star 1300

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Yamaha V-Star 1300 uses a halogen headlight bulb, similar to the headlight bulbs used in many passenger vehicles. This type of bulb is sensitive, so you should be careful not to touch the glass. If touching the glass is unavoidable, wear gloves to protect the headlight bulb. According to the V-Star 1300's manual, you may need to bring the motorcycle to a Yamaha dealer, after replacing the headlight bulb, to properly align the headlight beam.

Step 1

Examine the area directly under the V-Star 1300's headlight. You'll see the turn signal bar. Under the turn signal bar you'll see two bolts. Remove the two bolts with the socket wrench and move the bar out of the way. This gives you access to the headlight bolts.

Step 2

Remove the two bolts from the headlight with a socket wrench. There is one bolt on each side. Grasp the front of the unit and pull it off. You'll see the bulb harness on the back.

Step 3

Unplug the harness from the back of the V-Star 1300's headlight bulb. Pull off the rubber cover surrounding the bulb. Push down on the bulb holder wire and pull it outward to unlock the bulb.

Step 4

Pull the headlight bulb out and discard it. Insert the new bulb into the V-Star 1300's mount. Push in the bulb holder wire to lock it into place. Push the rubber cover back onto the mount.

Step 5

Plug the wiring harness back in then push the front of the unit back into place. Hold it in place while you tighten the two bolts.

Move the turn signal bar back into position. Tighten the two bolts.

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