How to Change the Fuse for a Cigarette Lighter on a 2005 KIA Sorento

by Kyle McBride

Your 2005 Kia Sorento has two fuse panels: one in the passenger compartment and one in the engine compartment. Each panel holds a fuse for the cigarette lighter. Kia stowed a fuse removal tool in the engine compartment fuse panel, so if you have trouble pulling the fuses with your fingers, get the tool.

Passenger Compartment

The fuse panel is in the kick panel on the left side of the driver-side foot well. Push the sliding latch forward and then swing the panel cover open. The cigarette lighter fuse is a 15A fuse in slot No. 6. Pull the fuse straight out to remove it.

Engine Compartment

The fuse panel is on the driver's side between the battery and the fender. Unhook the cover tab and then tilt the cover back to access the fuses. The 40A fuse labeled "BTN1" protects the cigarette lighter circuit. Pull the fuse straight out to remove it.

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