How to Change a Fuel Filter in a Rochester Quadrajet

by Gregory Crews
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The Rochester Quadrajet is a high-performance carburetor installed on domestic V-8 engines. The carburetor houses the fuel filter, which needs to be changed to ensure all the sediments and debris do not make it to the engine. When replacing the filter, do not lose the spring. The spring keeps the filter next to the incoming fuel. Without the spring, there will be no filtration. The filter is located to the front of the carburetor, making replacement simple.

Step 1

Open the hood for access to the engine compartment. Locate the air cleaner on top of the engine. Unscrew the butterfly nut on top of the filter housing. Pull the cover off by hand. Remove the rest of the air cleaner housing. Pull the air inlet hose off the housing.

Step 2

Unbolt the fuel line at the front of the carburetor with a line wrench. Pull the fuel line away from the carburetor. This will expose the fuel filter sitting in the carburetor.

Step 3

Pull the filter out of the carburetor. Pull the filter out slowly, because there is a spring behind the filter.

Step 4

Position the spring inside the carburetor. Push the filter against the spring.

Step 5

Tighten the fuel line back to the carburetor with the line wrench. Position the air cleaner over the carburetor. Attach the air inlet hose. Tighten the cover back on by screwing the wing nut over the long stud.

Step 6

Start the car to inspect for leaks.

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