How to Change a Ford Focus Cabin Filter

by Jody L. Campbell

Whether it came equipped with one or not, the Ford Focus has the capacity to install a cabin air filter. A cabin air filter helps eliminate pollutants and allergens from entering the passenger cab of the vehicle. Like any type of filter, they can become clogged and less efficient over time. Changing the cabin air filter in your Ford Focus every 30,000 miles will help optimize the quality of air you breathe inside the vehicle.

Activate the windshield wipers and turn the ignition off when the wipers reach the upward position. The wiper motor has an automatic reset of the blades, so turning off the motor with the keys in the ignition will not work. To achieve the task, wait until the wipers are in the raised position and then shut the power source off to the motor.

Open the hood. Remove the capped screw located in the center of the wiper arm cowling. Unscrew the screw halfway out and then pull out the fitting.

Locate and unclip the three retaining clips on the front of the cover to remove it.

Remove the old filter underneath the cowling. If a filter is not present, remove the screen plate underneath the cowling.

Install the filter into the screen plate so the arrow indicator for air flow is pointing in the upward position.

Reattach the housing and clips and then replace the cowling. Tighten the capped screw and then close the hood.

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