How to change Transmission fluid and filter on Audi A6 quattro

by Contributor

Although Audi states that their transmission fluid has a life time span, it does wear like any other component in the car and needs to be changed. Your transmission also has a filter which should be changed at least every 2 trans oil changes to prolong the life of your tranny. In this guide I will go through the steps to changing the transmission fluid and filter on a Audi A6.

Step 1

Using a Jack, place the car up on jack stands at a even level.

Step 2

With the engine off, open the fill plug (17mm Hex). Make sure you have a drain pan underneath because fluid will drain out.

Step 3

Next, open drain plug (8mm Hex) and let fluid drain.

Step 4

Remove transmission pan bolts (T-27). Remove pan and clean thoroughly. I used brake cleaner. Be sure to remove and clean the magnets in the bottom of the pan. They will have "wear metals" stuck to them. This is normal unless your magnets look like a giant Porcupine

Step 5

Cleaned transmission pan with brake cleaner.

Step 6

Remove filter bolts (T-45) and remove old filter.

Step 7

Install the new Audi transmission filter rubber pan gasket, and filter onto the transmission valve body.

Step 8

Install new filter torque at 54 inch-lbs / 6 N-m

Step 9

You should replace the oil pan gasket which is usually included in the transmission filter kits. Align the new Audi automatic transmission fluid oil pan gasket with the oil pan. Install pan tightening at 84 in-lbs / 10 Nm.

Step 10

Close the drain plug. Time to fill her up with new transmission fluid. You will need a pumping tool thats available at your local auto store.

Step 11

Fill up through the fill hole until you have fluid leaking out. Without closing the plug, start your engine for about 30 seconds and your transmission will immediately draw in fluid. Fill with more fluid until over flow. Then go through all the gears for about 20 seconds each. Then fill again until fluid flows out.

Close the fill plug and go for a test drive. If everything sounds normal, you are done. Enjoy smooth shifting and peace of mind.

Items you will need

  • Jack
  • 4 Jack stands
  • about 8 Audi Vw G 052 162 A2 if you are only changing fluid, 4 will be enough.
  • Torx T-27
  • 17mm allen wrench for fill plug
  • 8mm allen wrench for drain plug

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