How to Change C5 Corvette Transmission Fluid

by Craig Witt
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The fifth-generation Chevrolet Corvette features General Motors' Hydra-Matic 4L60-E automatic transmission, a version found in no other car. Compared with previous versions of the transmission, the 4L60-E offers a stronger torque converter and updated calibration settings, and provides more consistent fluid pressure under hard acceleration. With the proper tools, replacing the fluid is a straightforward process that helps keep this high-performance transmission running smoothly.

Step 1

Block the forward-facing side of the Corvette's front tires with bricks or larger pieces of wood. Place the jack under the center of the rear suspension and raise the rear of the car high enough to allow you to comfortably slide underneath.

Step 2

Place the catch pan underneath the transmission, then unscrew the fill plug. Fluid drains from the transmission quickly at first. When the flow of fluid has stopped, support the bottom pan of the transmission body, then unscrew the bolts. Carefully lower the detached transmission pan and empty the remaining fluid into the catch pan.

Step 3

Firmly grab the transmission filter and pull down while twisting it. Discard both the filter and the filter seal after removing both.

Step 4

Using the ACDelco TF306 filter kit, install the new filter seal on the valve body, then guide the new filter into place. Screw the filter into place firmly without over-tightening.

Step 5

Hold the transmission pan up to the bottom of the transmission, then replace each bolt, with the flat side of the bolt washers facing toward the pan. Tighten the bolts to a torque level of roughly 8 foot-pounds.

Step 6

Pour Dexron III automatic transmission fluid into the transmission until it begins to leak out of the body, then replace the fill plug.

Step 7

Twist the jack handle to the right and slowly lower the rear end of the Corvette to the ground. Remove the bricks or wood used to block the front tires in Step 1.

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