How to Change Transmission Fluid on 2002 Honda Odyssey

by Matt Scheer
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The 2002 Honda Odyssey's transmission system holds three liters of fluid and needs to be changed every 30,000 miles or every two years. Changing the transmission fluid is part of regular maintenance and should be completed to keep the engine in optimal condition. Too much, too little or dirty transmission fluid can cause major damage to the transmission. You can change the transmission fluid in your 2002 Odyssey in about an hour, using only a few tools.

Step 1

Raise the front of the Odyssey with a jack and lower it onto jack stands for support. Slide under the car and look for the large metal box near the center, slightly on the driver's side. The box is surrounded by bolts holding it to the engine. Locate the large screw pin bolt next to the metal box. This is the transmission fluid drain bolt.

Step 2

Place a large pan underneath the drain bolt. Use the ratchet to undo the drain bolt. Wait for the transmission fluid to stop pouring from the bolt. Clean it off with a wet rag. Replace and tighten the bolt.

Step 3

Remove the jack stands and lower the van to the ground. Pop the hood and find the transmission fluid dipstick in the engine, above the transmission drain pan. Pull out the dipstick.

Step 4

Place a funnel in the tube and pour in three liters of transmission fluid. Replace the dipstick and lower the hood. Drive the car for five minutes and then let the car cool for 15 minutes. Open the hood and pull the dipstick out. Check the level of the fluid. It should be between the minimum and maximum lines. Add more if it is below the minimum line. Drain fluid by repeating Steps 1 through 3 if the level is above the maximum line.

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