How to Change From Class B to Class A CDL

by Sarah Coennen
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A CDL, or a commercial driver license, comes in three different classes, Class A, B, and C. The classes are defined by the weight of the vehicle you drive. To move from one class to another, you will first need to know what you will be required to drive. Since the classes are dependent upon the weight, a person who has a class B CDL will not be able to drive a tractor trailer with two trailers attached. There is only one way to change your Class B CDL to a Class A CDL.

Step 1

Call the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Step 2

Set up an appointment to take a Class A CDL driver's test.

Step 3

Ask the department what materials you will need to bring. Sometimes you might need a letter from your employer stating that you can take the test, sometimes there are fees that need to be paid, and in some states, another written exam is required.

Step 4

Study any material required and get some tips and pointers from fellow drivers on how to make your turns and specific actions to take while driving a class A CDL vehicle.

Step 5

Go to the DMV and take your test(s). Sometimes you will have to bring your own tractor trailer and sometimes they will provide one for you. Make sure you ask about this.

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