How to Change the Headlight Bulb on the 2004 Ford F150

by Jeffery Thompson
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When the headlights in your Ford F-150 break down there is no need to head to a garage or mechanic. The headlights in your Ford F-150 are fully user replaceable. In order to replace the front headlights in a Ford F-150, you must have a medium wrench and a 04 Model Ford F-150 Headlight, usually sold under the designation H14 or H13.

Step 1

Turn off the engine and remove the keys from your 2004 Ford F-150. Give the truck time to cool down as to avoid injury due to a hot surface. Directly to the left of the steering column there is a large switch with a picture of a hood opening that needs to be pulled in order to unlock the front hood. Pull this switch and move to the front of the car. Underneath the hood there is a second switch that needs to be pulled up towards you then to the right. After doing this, the hood will unlock and you will be able to pull up and prop the hood open.

Step 2

Find the headlight that you wish to replace. Above the main headlight assembly there will be a series of four bolts. In the middle of these four bolts there is a small plastic insert that you must pull out to loosen the outer lens of the headlight assembly. Remove the outer lens and place aside.

Step 3

Unscrew the damaged headlight bulb and place aside. Replace the broken bulb with the new H13 or H14 bulb. Re-attach the outer lens cover and push the plastic insert back in place, locking the headlight assembly. To make sure you correctly replaced the headlight, turn on the headlights multiple times and make sure that you performed the tasks correctly.

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