How to Change the Brakes on a 1999 Ford Taurus

by Grace Mclain
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The 1999 Ford Taurus comes equipped with front and rear disc brake pads. The disc brake pads are designed to stop the Taurus by applying to the front and rear facing of the brake rotor while the wheel is turning. The friction from the brake pads being applied to the rotor facings is what makes the wheels stop turning and bring the Taurus to a stop. Replace the brake pads when they have worn down to the wear indicators that are located inside of each pad, which will emit an audible squeal when they are uncovered.

Step 01

Park the the 1999 Ford Taurus in a safe location that has a level surface.

Step 11

Loosen the lugs from both front wheels with a lug wrench or a tire tool.

Step 21

Slide the jack under the cross frame that is located under the engine. Jack the front of the Taurus up and position a safety stand under the frame on both sides. Lower the Taurus to the top of the safety stands and leave the jack under the cross frame.

Step 31

Unscrew the lugs from both front wheels. Pull both front wheels off and set the wheels down flat.

Step 41

Move to the front driver-side wheel and locate the small opening at the top of the brake caliper. Position the pry bar between the back side of the brake rotor and the outer brake pad. Pry the outer brake pad against the caliper cylinder until the cylinder retracts enough to loosen the caliper's grip on the rotor.

Step 51

Locate the mounting pin bolts on the back of the brake caliper. There is one lower pin bolt and one upper pin bolt. Remove both pin bolts by turning the bolts counterclockwise with the 1/2-inch drive ratchet and a socket. Pull the pin bolts out of the brake caliper.

Step 61

Remove the brake caliper from the side of the brake rotor. If the caliper is still too hard to remove from the caliper, use the pry bar to pry the bottom part of the caliper off and then pull the caliper off the brake rotor.

Step 71

Tie a small piece of rope around the brake caliper. Then, tie the brake caliper to the closest steering component behind the wheel hub assembly.

Step 81

Pull the inner brake pad out of the holding clip inside of the brake caliper. Then, position the jaws of the large channel-lock pliers over the outer brake pad and the caliper housing. Compress the outer brake pad with the pliers until the caliper cylinder has fully retracted inside of the caliper housing.

Step 91

Pull the outer brake pad out of the holding clip. Then, position the replacement pads inside of each holding clip inside of the brake caliper.

Step 101

Remove the rope from the caliper and the steering component. Place the brake caliper back on the side of the brake rotor. Screw the two pin bolts back into the caliper and tighten with the ratchet and socket.

Step 111

Put the wheel back on along with the lug nuts. Tighten the lug nuts tight with the lug wrench or the tire tool. Move to the front passenger side, rear passenger side and rear driver side wheels and follow the preceding directions for replacing the brake pads.

Step 121

Crank the 1999 Ford Taurus and pump the brake pedal a few times to set the new pads to the sides of the brake rotor. Turn the engine off.

Step 131

Jack up the Taurus and remove all of the safety stands. Lower the Taurus to the ground and slide the jack out.

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