How to Change the Automatic Shift Knob in an Accord

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Honda Accord's shift knob is simple to remove and replace, whether your Accord is the seventh-generation model (2003 to 2007) or the eighth-generation model (2008 to 2010). Both models use the same shift knob assembly. Older models of the Honda Accord should be similar to replace.

Step 1

Turn the engine off and move the shift knob to neutral (N). Immediately engage the parking brake for safety.

Step 2

Pry off the plastic cover from the front part of the shift knob (facing the radio). Once the cover is off, the screws on the shift knob will be visible.

Step 3

Remove the two Phillips screws. Pull the shift knob off. You may have to twist it a little to get it off.

Step 4

Put the new shift knob on top of the gear selector. Make sure the button is facing the radio.

Step 5

Insert the two Phillips screws and tighten them well. Reattach the cover; apply pressure to it to pop the clips back in.

Step 6

Move the gear selector back to park and disengage the parking brake.

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