How to Change an Air Filter on a Ford Ranger

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Ford Ranger is available with several different engines, including the 2.3 liter I4, the 3.0 liter V-6 and the 4.0 liter V-6. The process for replacing the Ranger's air filter is the basically the same on all models. Ford recommends replacing the filter every 30,000 miles; however, if you life in a dusty climate you may want to change it more often. To be safe, ask your mechanic or service center to inspect the air filter every other oil change.

Step 1

Turn your engine off for safety. Open the hood.

Step 2

Disconnect the air inlet hose from the air filter housing (V-6 Rangers only). Loosen the clamp around the hose, then pull the hose away from the housing.

Step 3

Flip open the clamps securing the top portion of the air filter housing (four clamps on all models). Remove the filter housing cover.

Step 4

Lift the old air filter from the filter housing and discard it.

Step 5

Place the new filter (exposed side down) into the filter housing compartment.

Step 6

Replace the filter housing cover, and flip down the clamps to secure it.

Step 7

Reattach the air inlet hose (V-6 only). Tighten the clamp to secure the hose.

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