Caterpillar D6 Specs

by Tim McQuade
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Caterpillar's D6 is a heavy tractor and bulldozer. The company produced the machine from 1941 until 1968. The D6, like other Caterpillar machinery, was intended for industrial and commercial use. The D6's long manufacture time line shows the efficiency and performance of the machine. Caterpillar built the D6 in its Peoria, Illinois factory.


The Caterpillar D6 uses a six-cylinder engine. The required fuel is diesel. The piston displacement measures 638 cubic inches, and the engine has a rated rpm of 1,800. Earlier models had an engine drawbar rating of 63 horsepower and a belt rating of 78 horsepower; the total drawbar pull originally was 16,674 lbs. By 1955, the drawbar power had been increased to 73 horsepower and the belt to 93 horsepower; the drawbar pull also increased to 17,486.


Caterpillar's D6 has a length of 184 inches, a width of 96 inches and a height of 105 inches. The gross weight of the machine measures 33,000 lbs. The company equipped the D6 with front and rear tracks that measure either 60 or 74 inches. The fuel tank has a maximum capacity of 65 gallons.

Transmission and Features

The transmission of the D6 features three forward gears and a single reverse gear. The D6 can be fitted with a variety of front blades, as well as a diversity of different rear equipment. Earlier D6 models did not feature a full cab that enclosed the operator during operation; however, later models sport a roof and some have a glass enclosure.


The Caterpillar D6 can be used for a wide range of applications. The most common use is pushing and clearing earth. The D6 can also be used in some agricultural applications. The company equipped the D6 with its No. 4 and No. 6 tool bars, which allows disc plows, cultivators, chisels, subsoilers and specialized root plows to be attached. The D6 uses a specialized swing arm that attaches to the tool bar; however, if the tool bar is not being used, the swing arm can be adjusted to the front and equipped with a blade.

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