How to Find Your Car's Wiring Diagram

by eHow Contributor

Looking for your cars wiring diagram? Or perhaps a car stereo wiring diagram? Installing electronics can be complicated even for a professional electrician at times. Here are some tips on how to find your car's wiring diagram.

Write down the make, model, and year of your vehicle. You will need this information later when trying to find the right auto wiring diagram or stereo wiring harness. Check the inside of the drivers door for the year of the car. The make and model should be in the owners manual if not obvious by the decals on the outside of the car.

Head to your local library. Most large library's carry wiring diagrams for automobiles. If they don't currently have the right diagram book, ask them to order it for you. Chances are another library near by has a copy.

Search the internet for the manufactures wiring diagram manual. Many times online car wiring diagrams are available to view for free on the web. If you have trouble finding a free wiring diagram you might need to purchase a copy from an online audio store.

Head into your local car audio store. Most car audio stores have copies of the more popular car models wiring diagrams for sale. If they don't have one on hand, have them order one for you.

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