How to Care for Your Pontoon Boat

by Kimberly Turtenwald

A pontoon boat can provide your family with a place to relax and play on a lake, river or other body of water. These boats have the capability of lasting a long time, as long as you care for them properly. Whether you use your boat frequently or just a couple of times a year, you must conduct specific maintenance tasks to ensure that it is working at peak performance every time you use it. If you live in a colder climate, you will need to do even more work.


Clean the pontoon boat each time you remove it from the water. This includes using a boat cleaner on the aluminum and plastic parts of the boat and carpet cleaner on the upholstery and carpeting within the boat. Vacuum the carpet as well. Cleaning the boat on a regular basis ensures that it stays looking its best for many years.


Conduct preventative maintenance at the end of each season. This includes checking the spark plugs in the motor, greasing any fittings, changing the oil, replacing filters, checking all lines--such as fuel and oil lines--for cracks and testing warning signals.


Remove your pontoon boat from the water at the end of the season to prevent your air tubes from cracking. You may store your pontoon boat on a dry dock or in an interior or exterior storage shed or on your private property.


Fill up the gas tank so it is three-quarters full. This prevents condensation build-up in the gas tank, while allowing room for the gas to expand as it freezes.


Check the entire boat, including the areas typically hidden below the water, for signs of wear and tear. Repair or replace parts, such as the propeller or hub, so your boat is ready for the next season.


Place mouse and insect traps inside the boat to keep pests from destroying your pontoon while it is in storage. Storing the boat off the ground can help prevent these issues, as well.


Secure a pontoon cover over the pontoon boat to keep out moisture, whether you store it indoors or outdoors. The cover should fit securely and tightly over the entire interior of the pontoon boat so there is no room for rodents to get in.


  • check Remove any items containing liquids from your pontoon boat before storing it for the winter. If the liquids freeze, they can explode and make a mess on your boat.

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