My Car Headlights Won't Turn on in a Pontiac Grand Am

by Daniel Valladares

If the headlights on your Pontiac Grand Am are malfunctioning, they should be fixed immediately. Malfunctioning headlights reduce road visibility and make it difficult for other drivers to see your vehicle on the road in darkened conditions. Troubleshooting the headlights on your Grand Am is a simple process that involves checking the wiring, checking the bulb, and checking the fuse of your headlights.

Open the hood of the Grand Am. Remove the keys from the ignition.

Lift up on the two retaining clips securing the headlamp assembly.

Pull the headlamp assembly out of the mounting bracket. This will reveal the electrical connector. Lightly tug on the electrical connector. If it comes out, plug it into the rear of the headlamp assembly. Make sure it is secure by lightly tugging it again. If the headlights are still malfunctioning, there may be an issue with the bulb. Disconnect the electrical connector and completely remove the headlamp assembly out of the vehicle.

Rotate the bulb assembly retainer counterclockwise and pull it out.

Unclip the bulb assembly from the wiring harness. Remove the old bulb and place the new bulb into the assembly.

Reattach the wiring harness to the bulb assembly. Place the bulb assembly back into the headlamp assembly and rotate it clockwise to lock it into place. Reattach the electrical connector.

Place the headlamp assembly back into the mount bracket. Press down on the two retaining clips to lock the headlamp assembly into place. Repeat on the other side headlamp if necessary. If the headlights are still not turning on, then there may be an issue with the headlamp fuses.

Open the underhood fuse block on the driver's side of the vehicle. Simply lift the cover on the fuse block to access the fuses. Underneath the cover is a fuse puller tool and several replacement fuses.

Locate the fuses numbered "50" and "51." "50" is the right-hand headlamp fuse and "51" is the left-hand headlamp fuse. Check to see if the fuses are broken. A fuse is broken if the metal inside the fuse is no longer in one piece. If either fuse is broken, use the provided fuse puller tool to remove the fuse. Replace it with an identical 15 amp fuse.

Place the cover back onto the fuse block. Close the hood.


  • check If the headlights are still malfunctioning after the troubleshooting process, there may be an issue with the electrical system and your Grand Am should be inspected by a certified mechanic.


  • close Never touch the replacement halogen bulbs of any vehicle with your fingers as this may severely reduce the bulb's lifespan due to the formation of hot spots on the bulb's glass surface.
  • close Allow ample time for the headlights to cool before replacing them.

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