Can Different Brands of Synthetic Motor Oil Be Mixed?

by Jay MotesUpdated August 08, 2023
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Synthetic motor oil is a substitute for conventional motor oil. Though the synthetic oils from different companies are not chemically identical, the oils can be mixed together.

Differences in Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oils are all made in basically the same manner. The key differences between synthetic oils are additives in the oil and percentages of each additive. Both synthetic and conventional oil has additives that are designed to improve performance of the oil.

Synthetic Oil Maker Recommendations

Synthetic oil makers state that it is an acceptable practice to mix synthetic oil from different manufacturers. In fact, synthetic oil can also be safely mixed with conventional oil.

Reasons to Mix Synthetic Oil

Car owners may need to add a quart of oil from time to time before an oil change. For reasons of convenience, a car owner might choose to use a different brand of synthetic oil and can do so without concern.

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