Can You Put a Cold Air Intake in an Automatic?

by William Zane

When it comes to getting more performance from a vehicle's engine, there are numerous modifications that can be performed. One of the more common upgrades is the installation of a cold air intake. Most engines benefit from the addition of a cold air intake, though horsepower gains are usually modest and can be anywhere from a couple to around 10 horsepower.

Cold Air Intake Description

Most engines are fed air through an air box that contains a flat filter element. While this works fine, it is not as free-flowing as it could be. A cold air intake replaces the air box with larger diameter round tubing and a cone filter that is isolated from the heat generated in the engine bay. Cold air is denser and contains more oxygen than warm air, which allows the engine to run more efficiently and make more power.

Manuals and Automatics

Since the cold air intake is installed on the engine and has nothing to do with the gearbox or any other mechanical systems on the car, it can be installed on an automatic or a manual. The performance increase to the engine will be the same no matter what type of gearbox the vehicle uses.

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