How to Calculate the Size of Drop Hitch

by Anthony Smith
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When towing, safety considerations should come first, followed by what is needed to have a comfortable tow and ride. Having the trailer that is being towed as level as possible is a key factor in achieving both of these goals. The towing vehicle is often higher that the trailer, making a drop hitch necessary. There is a simple method for calculating the required size of drop hitch.

Step 1

Park the towing vehicle on level ground. Measure the distance from the ground to the top of the hitch receiver.

Step 2

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Go to the trailer to be towed and measure the distance from the ground to the bottom of the coupler on the trailer. The trailer should also be sitting level, and on level ground.

Step 3

Take the height of the hitch from Step 1 and subtract from it the height of the coupler from Step 2.

Step 4

Compare this calculated difference in height to the size of drop hitches available and use the one that is the closest fit. For example; if the difference in height is 4 1/2 inches and your drop hitch choices are between a 2-, 4-, or 6-inch drop, select the 4-inch model for the best towing performance.

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