C6 Transmission Specs

by Jordan Whitehouse
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The Ford Motor Company manufactured the C6 transmission between 1966 and 1996. It's quite similar to the C4 transmission, but it can deal with greater power outputs. It was initially used in trucks and bigger cars that had large engines, but today it's primarily used in drag racing cars.

C6 Stock Transmission Specifications

As the name implies, the C6 stock transmission uses a stock torque converter and a stock pan. It has a stall speed of 1,800 rpm and a two-wheel-drive slip yoke for its tail housing, but it doesn't have a hard input shaft. The horsepower of the C6 stock transmission has been measured at 300 horsepower, while the torque has been rated at 250 nM.

C6 Dominator Transmission Specifications

The C6 Dominator transmission is made with a #2F torque converter. Like the C6 Stock, this transmission uses a stock pan and a two-wheel-drive slip yoke, and it doesn't use a hard input shaft. The Dominator has stall speeds between 1,800 rpm and 2,800 rpm, however, and it uses an "R" Super Servo instead of the Stock servo in the Stock model. The Dominator is also a more powerful transmission as it has a horsepower rating of 500 and a torque rating of 450 nM.

C6 Dominator Extreme Transmission Specifications

The Dominator Extreme version of the C6 transmission is more powerful than the Stock or Dominator models as it has a torque rating of 600 nM and a horsepower rating of 650. Unlike the previous C6 models, the Dominator Extreme doesn't have a torque converter but it does use a stock pan. Like the Dominator transmission it uses an "R" Super Servo and like both previous versions it uses a two-wheel-drive slip yoke. The Dominator Extreme is the first of the three transmissions to use a hard input shaft. It has a horsepower rating of 650 and a torque rating of 600 nM.

C6 Mega Dominator Transmission Specifications

The final C6 transmission manifestation was the Mega Dominator model, the most powerful transmission of the four. It uses a 1,200 horsepower, 1,000 torque nM torque converter and it has stall speeds of between 2,600 rpm and 6,000 rpm. Like the Dominator and the Dominator Extreme C6s, it uses an "R" Super Servo. Like the Dominator Extreme, it uses a hard input shaft, but unlike any previous C6 model, it uses a #91 Ford racing cast aluminum pan and a two-wheel-drive, slip yoke or short bolt-on yoke type for its tail housing. Its torque rating is 800 nM and its horsepower rating is 1,000 rpm.

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