How to Bypass a Ford Clutch Switch

by Paul Vaughn

Your Ford's clutch switch, known as the neutral safety switch, prevents the vehicle from being started in gear. This safety feature is designed to avoid costly damage to your vehicle, as it may lunge forward or backward if it is in gear. It is only advisable to disconnect the neutral safety switch if it has failed, and you cannot start your vehicle. This procedure can be accomplished fairly easily with a minimum of electrical knowledge and preparation.

Step 1

Locate the neutral safety switch. You can find it between the floor board and the bottom of the clutch pedal. If you have difficulty finding the switch, consult your service manual for the year and model of your Ford. There is usually a picture and description of the switch. You can also check with your local parts store to see what they look like.

Step 2

Use your 1/4-inch open-end wrench, turning counterclockwise to loosen the lock nut. The lock nut secures the adjusting screw in place. The adjusting screw allows you to adjust the distance between the switch activator and the clutch pedal.

Step 3

Use your crescent wrench to turn the adjustment screw clockwise until it is well clear of the clutch pedal. The purpose of this step is to give you room to work in the cramped space.

Step 4

Use your wire pliers to cut the black and red wire coming from the switch.

Step 5

Use your wire pliers to strip the insulation from the cut end of each wire.

Step 6

Insert the wire connector over each wire that has had the insulation removed.

Step 7

Use your wire pliers to crimp both end of the wire connector. Tug slightly on the wires to make sure they are secure in the connector. If not, repeat this step with another connector.

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